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Auctioneering A-Z with Dennis Kruse

Unlock the secrets to successful auctioneering with an insider’s expertise.

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Grasp the fundamentals and beyond with the free preview of our first module, “Auctioneering A-Z,” led by Dennis Kruse, Reppert President Emeritus and past President and Hall of Fame member of the National Auction Association and the Indiana Auctioneers Association. This 50-minute insight-packed session offers you an overview of life as an auctioneer and a clear pathway to carrying out a successful auction.

What you’ll learn:

  • Uncover the essential elements of auctioneering and understand what it truly takes to assemble an auction.
  • Dive deep into the module outline, clear presentation slides, and engage in a post-module quiz.
  • Get a sneak peek into the world-class auctioneer training offered by Reppert Auction School.
  • Learn from the experience of Dennis Kruse, who gives you a broad overview of the auction business, ensuring you start your auction education with a great foundation.

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