• 3 Topics

    CE: Auction Ethics (Mandatory)

    This two-hour course will enlighten auctioneers on the ethical behavior of professional auctioneers in the auction business.

  • 3 Topics

    CE: Benefit Auctions (Elective)

    This two hour course will help all auctioneers wanting to assist not-for-profit organizations with their fundraising goals.  Learn to justify why you should charge for your benefit auction services when other auctioneers will do it for free.
  • 2 Topics

    CE: Business Planning for Auctioneers (Elective)

    This one hour course will assist professional auctioneers to plot their future with the creation of their business plan.  Taught by Dr. Thomas Mason, Professor Emeritus of the Economics and Engineering Managment Dept. at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
  • 3 Topics

    CE: Contract Law (Mandatory)

    This two hour course on contract law is taught by attorney Shannon Kruse.  This course will explain what elements are needed in the creation of auction contracts and the pitfalls that could arise.
  • 3 Topics

    CE: Estate Auctions (Elective)

    This two hour elective course will help auctioneers better understand the estate process to better serve their clients.  Estate and Elder law presented by attorney, Jon Williams of Greenwood, Indiana.
  • 2 Topics

    CE: Identifying Personal Property (Elective)

    This one hour elective course will help you identify personal property for auction and caution auctioneers in selling specific items.
  • 3 Topics

    CE: Indiana Auctioneer License Law (Mandatory)

    This is a two hour course taught by Al Updike.  This instructional course gives students a better understanding of the Indiana auctioneer license law, as well as, avoiding common violations.
  • 2 Topics

    CE: Ohio Law (Mandatory)

    This is a one-hour course taught by Matthew Kruse.  This instructional course gives students a better understanding of the Ohio auctioneer license law, as well as, avoiding common violations.

  • 3 Topics

    CE: Real Estate Auctions (Elective)

    This 2 hour elective course will help auctioneers through the real estate auction process.  Viewers will learn techniques in marketing real estate, navigating the auction process and understanding common real estate terminology that auctioneers need to know to conduct a successful real estate auction.
  • 3 Topics

    CE: The Art Of Bid Calling (Elective)

    This two hour course will show viewers how bid calling is an art.  Learn about the essence of bid calling, what it is all about and why we chant. Also discussed are the various styles of bid calling and the components of the chant.
  • 10 Topics

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